Best SEO Tools You Need To Crush It In 2018

Businesses need to be seen and heard in order to survive and thrive. If you are not seen on the first page of Google’s search engine results, consider yourself buried. Nobody really pays attention to businesses which are on the 2nd or 3rd page of the search engine results for a relevant keyword. “It is the best place to bury bodies,” they joke, as nobody really goes there.
So how do you make sure your website comes out on top with the right keywords? The key lies in using right tools. Here is a list of eight SEO tools that will help you in your SEO optimization efforts this year.
SEMrush helps you go above and beyond conventional marketing. You can use this tool for backlink analysis, SEO audits, keyword research, analytics, and more.
Their competitor analysis feature helps you get valuable data on your competition. You can learn about your competitor’s ad strategies, budget, and details on the keywords they use. SEMrush can also help you localize your ad campaigns.
It can even help you with deep link analysis. And you’ll also be able to use it to determine how authoritative a referring domain is. And you can get information about anchor texts and compare the weight of inbound links on a competitor’s domain. SEMrush can be used for social media monitoring and rank tracking as well.
This tool simplifies the entire SEO process for you. It is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools. It helps you understand your visitors, and you can easily find out which keywords people are using to reach you. You can then strategically target those keywords to improve your ranking.
MozPro also helps you track your rankings by giving you a holistic picture of how you rank for the keywords you’re targeting.
You can easily crawl and audit your sites with Moz crawler. You can go deep into your site and find out all of the issues that hinder the functioning of search engines. This information will help you optimize your pages.
You can get cues for content creation so that you can create content that uses the best keywords possible. It also helps you find link opportunities. MozPro even enables you to create custom reports, using which you can effectively track the ROI of your efforts.
Pro Rank Tracker is one of the most comprehensive rank tracking and reporting solutions. It is a cloud-based application which can be accessed from anywhere. You can get the most recent, easy-to-understand SEO data on the websites you maintain. It helps you stay ahead of your competition.
It boasts of the most accurate algorithm of any rank tracking tool. You can use this to monitor the ranking of your tracked terms every day automatically. It supports several language, and can track your website ranking results across a wide range of sites. Pro Rank Tracker can also help you track the position of the videos you post on YouTube, which isn’t always available with other tools.
SpyFu helps you spy on your competitors and helps you find out all about their search engine strategies. You can search for any domain and it will tell you about every place they show up on Google.
It can tell you all about the keywords your competitors bid on and how much they pay. Learn about every ad variation they have used for past 11 years. You can also keep track of every domain that bids on your keywords.
You can check competitors’ backlinks, reach out to influencers who can help you rank for specific keywords, and more. It provides you backlink recommendations too.

Aherfs helps you learn about your competition and helps you outrank them. You can analyze the search traffic of your competitors, and find out the keyword they organically are ranking for. You can learn all about the traffic that is being generated. You can get thousands of keyword ideas from Aherfs’ huge database. Their keyword explorer is very useful too.
Ahrefs can run a big index of live backlinks. Their content explorer tool helps you find out what content that has been performing optimally along with the details on organic search traffic and backlinks it generates. It helps you check your ranking progress with its ranking tool. It sends you alerts whenever you or your competition win or lose a backlink. Link building activities can also be tracked in real-time.
Mangools provides you with a bundle of smart SEO tools. With KWFinder you can find long-tail keywords with accurate keyword difficulty scores. You can find out high traffic generating keywords too. It has a filter to omit bad keywords. And you can get localized keyword suggestions.
SERPChecker helps you analyze the SERP ranking of your competitors. It provides you details on more than 45 SEO metrics of your competition.
SERPWatcher helps you track your position and progress with one key metric. LinkMiner helps you find the most powerful backlinks of your competitors.
Yoast SEO is a very useful plugin that helps you optimize your website. It is the best WordPress SEO plugin and has a powerful content analysis tool, which helps you optimize every page of your website. It provides you with suggestions to improve your SEO posts.
It has a comprehensive set of features for optimization like Breadcrumb Navigation, Open Graph Meta tags, XML Sitemaps, built-in robots.txt and .htaccess, and more. You can easily import data from Google Webmaster tools using this tool.
Botify is a full-service cloud-based SEO platform for enterprise companies. It has the capability to perform a log file analysis.
Botify analytics help you deliver profitable SEO campaigns. The tool gathers data from the entire ranking process of the pages which includes crawlability, content quality, indexing, user behaviour, and organic visits. You can use this data to better your SEO efforts.
It provides you insights on search engine crawling behavior. The tools lets you compare the URLs the Google bot actually crawls vs the URLs you’re trying to get indexed. It helps you optimize your sitemaps and point search engines to the content it misses.
SEO is a dynamic and never-ending process. It is important for you to learn all about search engines and their functioning. The more informed you are about the landscape you work in, the better decisions you will be able to make to optimize your website. The tools we discussed above can provide you with a lot of information about your website and the websites of your competitors. They show you the ways in which you can outperform your competitors and boost your organic traffic.


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