Watch Out! Ten Interview Questions Designed To Trick You

1. Why have you been out of work so long, and how many others were laid off?
It is a matter for your hiring manager to know whether you are fired for the part of budget cuts or for any wrong-doings you committed. Most of the interviewers find this question as more tricky to know facts without putting a direct question. According to Kennedy, it is better not to reveal the reason but also you have to tell them you were working better than their pay package.
2. If employed, how do you manage time for interviews?
This is probably to find out how you deal with your current work and of course, your sincerity to the work you do. If you are attending an interview on your working days, they would be thinking it will be happening to their firm, if you are hired. You should avoid telling that you’re taking sick leaves for attending interviews. It is better to tell them that you are making use of your personal time, not working hours. Also tell them clearly, you attend interviews that can match your expectation.
3. How did you prepare for this interview?
More than being a tricky question, it will also offer the opportunity for you to say how much you are care about this job. This is the best time to reveal how much research you have done. Here, you can talk about your industry knowledge by raising questions and commenting on the relevant information you have got.
4. Do you know anyone who works for us?
In most of the companies, they give more preference to candidates recommended by their employees. So, it is better to have an inside connection with the company. Before, you mention one employee’s name, you make sure that employee has positive reputation in the company. The interviewer correlates your merits with that particular employee’s characteristics in fact, says Kennedy.
5. Where would you really like to work?
You should not take this as a simple and silly question. If you really want to get this job, keep your words by not telling any other company name or any other job title, you wish for. Kennedy says that a good respondent will tell, “This is where I want to work, and this job is what I want to do.” It can be an indirect sign of you’re the right candidate and you will do better in your job as it is the job you wish for.
6. What bugs you about coworkers or bosses?
This will be a big trap for you, as they want to check whether you have positive attitude and to know how difficult person you are to get along with people. Don’t make any negative comments about your co-workers as it can tell how troubled you are to work with others as most of the work demands a team spirit.
7. Can you describe how you solved a work or school problem?
Yeah, you are asked to explain your skills. It is advisable for you not to miss the opportunity to show up your best skills and characteristics. More than talking about your achievements and accomplishments, you should reveal your skills in time management and leadership or whatever related to the field. Perhaps, the interviewer is trying to analyze how your mind works on things.
8. Can you describe a work or school instance in which you messed up?
Your answer can be a great source of how you are taking responsibilities and how you deal with failures. Also it can trace your negative characters and major faults, so make sure you are not providing your negative traits. But explains the simple mess-up happened and follows talking about what you have learnt from that.
9. How does this position compare with others you’re applying for?
Here, you have to be careful for not revealing how other company conducts interviews. It will show the way you respect the privacy of other companies. Also appear as a valuable interviewee by confirming you have received a competitive offer. And bring back the topic for next interview questions, so that you don’t want to break your head for this. While answering you should be calculated to reveal you have strategy on your job search as you are not looking for each every jobs appear in job market.
10. If you won the lottery, would you still work?
The question meant to find out how much you are interested to do this work by highlighting your enthusiasm and work attitude. Kennedy recommends that it is better to make a direct face to face interaction. And you can score the question by answering you are excited to win the lottery but you love to take challenges and making good strategy to win your goals with meaningful work.


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