Google analytics lack to become an enteRprise tool.

Google Analytics is an especially good tool for measuring acqusition, sine it has a Google Adwords integration.

I work with global companies daily and these are the main points that GA lack to become an enteRprise tool.

1. Access customization. Large enterprises does not accept equal access to all their site data.
2. Downloads and offsite links. Large enterprises have 100s of different files per site which they do not want to tag up manually. Likewise they have many offsite links.
3. Cross domain tracking. When you have 25 - 75 domains across Europe, you do not want to tag up every link between these to get cross domain traffic and even so not get Real cross domain tracking. Roll up profiles do not work properly with GA.
4. Visitor segmentation and analytics. Creating groups of visitors based on cookie IDs and behavior is not possible. Large enterprises need to divide their users into groups, in order to identify group behavior. They need to build reports to see how these groups behave across many domains.
5. Online and offline integration. Large enterprise often have vast amounts of customer information gathered offline about customers that they want to couple up with their customers online behavior.
6. Behavioral targeting / personalization. Large enterprises often want to serve content depending upon the visitors behavior on site and offline, so that he does not get an offer for the same product he just bought.
7. Social media. Social media is rapidly becoming one of the most important platforms and thus large enterprises want to get equally detailed information as well as cross social/website analytics about their customers and visitors. GA will never get detailed data from the Facebook or Twitter API because they are in direct competition.
8. Flexibility. Large enterprises need an analytics tool where they get very deep customization options in terms of system configuration, data re analysis, filters, URL rebuilding, logile access, URL search and replace etc.
9. Data accuracy. Large enterprise tend to want accurate data all the time and not just be able to order an unsampled report in PDF format.
10. API. Large enterprises want a completely open ApI with which they can easily export and import data from or to any platform. They also need scheduled reporting and advanced dash boarding capabilities.

These are just 10 issues that I see large enterprises have with GA. If a large enterprise pick only to have GA around, then they are not sophisticated enough to care about the above issues. Usually that means they do not have a frightfully deep digital optimization programme.



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