Web Analytics solution:-

. You can monitor that from where your traffic is coming from, the IP Addresses of your visitors their actions in sequence with time stamp.

. Understand how many unique users visit your site and how many sessions they make

. You can view the path which your visitor followed while browsing. This includes the time spent on each path as well along with the sequence of browsing.

. Usage data by Hits, Kilobytes and user session

. View what were the top entry pages, top exist pages and how many files they downloaded ( most popular pages , most popular files etc)

. See Which sites are giving you referral traffic

. Which Search Engines are getting you traffic, Which Search Terms You are getting visitors on etc.

. Improve Your ROI by doing behavioral Analysis of Your Visitors.

. Distinguishing frequently visited pages is critical to understanding how to drive more traffic to the join page or shopping cart.

. Demographics of your visitors, that from which geographic locations where your visitors are coming in.

. Which referrals and affiliates are driving traffic to your website


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