Phone Numbers In Paid Search Ads

By adding a phone number to PPC ads, you can save a visitor skip the step of going to your site especially if they already know they want to connect with your business, get additional information, make an appointment, etc. In PPC advertising, this is done via the call extension.

With call extensions, advertisers can either use a company business number or a Google forwarding phone number – Google will dynamically generate unique phone numbers per ad group and calls are routed to your business number.

Note: Click charges apply to visitors that click phone numbers using a mobile device. The calls will cost $1 USD per call for other types of calls to the Google numbers.

Call Analytics
It’s worth noting there are several places in the Google interface advertisers can get information on incoming phone calls:

To see number of calls received, segment by “click type” at the ad group or keyword level.
For more detailed reports, go to the “dimensions” tab and select “view” then “call details”.
Here, you can see the following call details:

Call start time
Call end time
Call status (missed or received)
Caller area code
Call type
Note: addresses and phone number work well together in PPC ads, so consider using both together in your paid search advertising.


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