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Excel Tips for PPC Ad Campaigns

If you use the AdWords interface to set up your pay-per-click marketing campaigns, you know that it accomplishes certain tasks quite well, but is somewhat less than helpful with others. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel lets you use certain tricks to get your PPC campaigns on track and properly optimized.

Let me give credit where it's due: John Lynch, writing for Search Engine Watch described these and other Excel-based techniques for streamlining an AdWords campaign. You may want to read his article as well, especially if you run a lot of PPC campaigns to promote your website. I admit that I don't exactly have a great deal of experience in this area, but even I can see how much time a marketer can save using these methods.

Okay, let's look at building those PPC ads first. Excel works well for that, except for one issue. Search ads must meet character limits for headlines, descriptions, and display URLs. You can't tell just by looking at an Excel cell whether you're und…