Top PPC Tips for Effective Marketing - Top 3 PPC Search Engines

Google AdWords

Topping market share and one of the pioneers of the PPC process, Google AdWords offers a quick and supportive environment in which to launch a PPC campaign. While initial costs of $5 and bids starting at $0.01 make it sound very inexpensive, an effective PPC campaign can be costly.

This site offers tutorials, FAQ and technical support and is a great place to start the process. The Keyword Tool on the AdWords site is a strong analytic tool for the PPC campaign designer.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Coming in behind Google, Yahoo offers a professional and well-maintained site. It is credited with the first pay-per-click search engine ( which was rebranded as Overture and then in 2005 as Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Yahoo's main product, Sponsored Search, reaches over 80 percent of active Internet users by providing sponsored listings in search results on the Web's top portals and search engines.


MIVA is a network of partner sites which power over two billion queries per month. MIVA's proprietary bid-for-position technology allows the client to select the amount they are willing to spend per keyword.

A full set of management tools and designer support articles makes MIVA a strong PPC resource. MIVA's network includes, InfoSpace and WorldNews.


A combination of article marketing and PPC campaigns can turn any web site's sales visions into reality. Always remember, the ad needs to be supported by the content in the blogs or articles. If the ad is to appear at the top or bottom of a web page, support it with some text, at the very least an ALT tag.

Before starting an AdWords campaign, please consult the information provided on Google, and ask an SEO expert for advice. People lose lots of money on these campaigns by not choosing their strategies carefully.

This should not put the fear of God into you. Be methodical; write the list of needed keywords to support the ad. Ensure that tools like Wordtracker and WebCEO are used in any PPC marketing plan.

If you build the PPC campaign effectively, it can simply be a case of earning while you sleep.


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