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Phone Numbers In Paid Search Ads

By adding a phone number to PPC ads, you can save a visitor skip the step of going to your site especially if they already know they want to connect with your business, get additional information, make an appointment, etc. In PPC advertising, this is done via the call extension.

With call extensions, advertisers can either use a company business number or a Google forwarding phone number – Google will dynamically generate unique phone numbers per ad group and calls are routed to your business number.

Note: Click charges apply to visitors that click phone numbers using a mobile device. The calls will cost $1 USD per call for other types of calls to the Google numbers.

Call Analytics
It’s worth noting there are several places in the Google interface advertisers can get information on incoming phone calls:

To see number of calls received, segment by “click type” at the ad group or keyword level.
For more detailed reports, go to the “dimensions” tab and select “view” then “call details”.

PPC and Bounce Rate Analyze

While it is true that, in its most basic form, a PPC manager’s job is to find affordable and quality traffic, some people take this concept a little too far. Every so often we’ll run across a blog or a discussion in which a PPC “expert” will declare something along the lines of: “PPC only concerns driving traffic, once the traffic lands on the site, the rest is up to IT to make them convert.” The sentiment is understandable, because a PPC manager really doesn’t have control of the traffic once it lands on the website. But, completely neglecting on-site behavior puts a ceiling on ROI, not to mention it neglects the clients’ best interest.

Moreover, it’s tough to determine traffic quality unless on-site behavior is accounted for. Targeting relevant keywords in relevant places should drive quality traffic – but unless there are some numbers to back it up, the quality of the traffic is mere speculation. Conversion rates are the generally accepted determination of traffic quality, and we’r…

Prepare for Certification in Digital Marketing

Prepare for certification with me..

Course 1: Content Management Systems
Wordpress CMS, Joomla CMS, Drupal CMS, Magento Store, ZenCart Store (any one)

Course 2: Search Engine Optimization
Basics & advanced search engine optimization, all major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing, Webmaster Central, Information Architecture

Course 3: Pay Per Click Advertising
Google Adwords, Bid Optimization, Creative Ad text writing, Campaign management, Media planning, Google certification (optional)

Course 4: Social Media Marketing
Specialization in Facebook marketing for business, Twitter marketing for business, LinkedIn profile marketing, YouTube Video marketing

Course 5: Email Marketing
Customer relationship management, Newsletter management, Subscriber management, Aweber, ConstantContact, VerticalResponse (any one)

Course 6: Affiliate Management
ClickBank, Comission Junction - Setting up an affiiate program, Best money making affiliate programs, Domains that sells, Optimizing affiliate land…

General Google AdWords Mistakes

General Google AdWords Mistakes We do-

Do you avoid Google Adwords PPC mistakes? Google AdWords has been a major form of online marketing since 2000 and has only increased in use by businesses and individuals.
In 2009 Google’s total advertising revenues through AdWords were $21 billion, and it’s still growing.
This increase in use by many users means that to succeed at use of AdWords requires more stringent use of it. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing how to use it properly. Being careful with AdWords is worthwhile, to keep a solid ROI when using this tool.
There are some elements of AdWords to be cautious with – here are 6 mistakes you should avoid making when using Google’s PPC tool:

1. Create only one ad group for various keywords-

It’s very tempting to just put all your keywords into one campaign and one ad group. However, this will only keep it difficult to target your keywords with the ads you use, since you’ll be trying to target multiple variations on ke…

Starting Adwords Training Online

Hi guys ,
i am going to start the SEM training online . This training program comprises articles and graphical representation, video representation/discussion of training methods.

you will work on live project which are running with millions of dollars accounts . The professional can also get the benefit for career growth in internet marketing by this training program.
I’ll share my experience of all international clients to candidate with all prospective ways.

The topics of training –
1.An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing
2. Preparing for Pay Per Click Campaign
3. Understanding of Google AdWords
4. Techniques to Set Up an AdWords Account
5. An overview of Microsoft adCenter (PPC for Bing & Yahoo!)
6. Learn to Set Up a Microsoft adCenter Account
7. Regional and niche market targeting
8. Successful PPC Bidding Strategies
9. Keyword Research and Ad Copy Creation for PPC Campaigns
10. Understanding PPC Campaign conversion & ROI measurement
11. Learning click fraud & …

Web Analytics solution:-

. You can monitor that from where your traffic is coming from, the IP Addresses of your visitors their actions in sequence with time stamp.

. Understand how many unique users visit your site and how many sessions they make

. You can view the path which your visitor followed while browsing. This includes the time spent on each path as well along with the sequence of browsing.

. Usage data by Hits, Kilobytes and user session

. View what were the top entry pages, top exist pages and how many files they downloaded ( most popular pages , most popular files etc)

. See Which sites are giving you referral traffic

. Which Search Engines are getting you traffic, Which Search Terms You are getting visitors on etc.

. Improve Your ROI by doing behavioral Analysis of Your Visitors.

. Distinguishing frequently visited pages is critical to understanding how to drive more traffic to the join page or shopping cart.

. Demographics of your visitors, that from which geographic locations where yo…

Good adwords account structure

Before starting the adwords account we need to design the good adwords account structure for good conversions
1- Identify you advertising goals according to services , you providing may be more then one services you have
2- create the saperate campaign for each services you have.
3-Choose relevent keywords and placement (targetting)
4-Create Simple straightforword , effective ads, eyecatching ads
5-Optimize your website for good conversions
6-Always track you account performance ,weekly,monthly daily basis


common negative keywords for adwords campaign

work from home
cover letter
find a job
what is a
job listing
work at home moms
home based
Curriculum Vitae
work at home employment
part time work
find job
what is
job offer
job description
job hunt
from home
what are
job seeker
job satisfaction
job seeking
role of
give work
give job to

Excel Tips for PPC Ad Campaigns

If you use the AdWords interface to set up your pay-per-click marketing campaigns, you know that it accomplishes certain tasks quite well, but is somewhat less than helpful with others. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel lets you use certain tricks to get your PPC campaigns on track and properly optimized.

Let me give credit where it's due: John Lynch, writing for Search Engine Watch described these and other Excel-based techniques for streamlining an AdWords campaign. You may want to read his article as well, especially if you run a lot of PPC campaigns to promote your website. I admit that I don't exactly have a great deal of experience in this area, but even I can see how much time a marketer can save using these methods.

Okay, let's look at building those PPC ads first. Excel works well for that, except for one issue. Search ads must meet character limits for headlines, descriptions, and display URLs. You can't tell just by looking at an Excel cell whether you're und…

Top PPC Tips for Effective Marketing - Top 3 PPC Search Engines

Google AdWords

Topping market share and one of the pioneers of the PPC process, Google AdWords offers a quick and supportive environment in which to launch a PPC campaign. While initial costs of $5 and bids starting at $0.01 make it sound very inexpensive, an effective PPC campaign can be costly.

This site offers tutorials, FAQ and technical support and is a great place to start the process. The Keyword Tool on the AdWords site is a strong analytic tool for the PPC campaign designer.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Coming in behind Google, Yahoo offers a professional and well-maintained site. It is credited with the first pay-per-click search engine ( which was rebranded as Overture and then in 2005 as Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Yahoo's main product, Sponsored Search, reaches over 80 percent of active Internet users by providing sponsored listings in search results on the Web's top portals and search engines.


MIVA is a network of partner sites which power over two billi…

Keyword Strategies for Hybrid SEO/PPC Search Campaigns - Forecasting Search Volumes and Assigning Your Terms

There are two main tools available to help you forecast the search volume for your keywords. They are Overture's Keyword Selector Tool, which is free (, and, which uses its own proprietary database and Overture's database to forecast keyword volume.

Once you have your preliminary keyword list ready to go, you'll want to know how popular the terms are. Very popular terms are desirable, but often very competitive. Terms that get little or no traffic may not be worthwhile for SEO, but are great to include in your PPC campaign. Middle of the road terms that generate a moderate volume (say, 2000 searches per month) can be targeted in both PPC and SEO campaigns, then moved to either SEO or PPC based on whether they actually bring in qualified traffic.

At this stage of your research, your main criteria for assigning terms to SEO or PPC are search volume and appropriateness of the term. Terms that are cri…

How To Increase Google Trust

If you are a webmaster looking to increase rankings and organic traffic from Google, then this tutorial will definitely prove helpful. You may have heard of Google's Panda / Farmer update affecting low quality websites - this tutorial will answer the questions of what does Google view as low quality - and more importantly - how do I make my website a high quality site?

Tip #1: Add Original, Useful and Substantial Content on a Frequent Basis

In this page: , Google stresses the importance of having original content on your website. Below are some good content guidelines you can implement:

a.) At least 500 words. Most readers need details - especially if your content is a tutorial or how-to guide. If your content does not explain the details, then your content is not good enough, which also reflects the overall quality of your website.

Having a thin amount of content, your site can be labeled as a “co…

SEO Tools - AdSense Preview

Google AdSense™ automatically delivers ads targeted to your website content. The more targeted your pages are for one or two topics, the better the ads are likely to be. This free preview utility will give you a sense of which ads would be placed on a given page.

The ads shown on your pages will change over time as your content changes or the inventory of Google ads changes. You should check back here often to review which ads will be shown when you're working on updating your pages.

Choosing Keywords with Google

Google has so many great tools you can use for choosing keywords that it seems almost impossible to know about all of them. Recently, I learned about one called Wonder Wheel. It's intended to give a searcher more options to consider, but it can be used for other purposes as well.

To use Google Wonder Wheel, start by putting a fairly general search term into the Google search engine, and hit “search.” In addition to the search results, you'll see a column on the left hand side. Click on “Search Tools” or “More search tools,” depending on how often you use search tools. You'll see one that says “Wonder wheel.” That's the one we want. Click on that, and watch a bit of magic.

For purposes of example, we'll start with a search on “square foot gardening.” Clicking on Wonder Wheel after doing that search divides the main search result area in half. On the right side, you'll see a column of search results not too dissimilar to the list that took up most of the screen b…